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9 Man Flag Football

North Carolina - South Carolina Screen Flag Football Rankings


Up Coming Tournaments

8 Man Flag Football
November * December 2en-usen-us4
Wrightsville Beach, Raleigh, Charlotte, High Point, New Bern, NC

Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894 7976 * Fax 919 894 4517

Screen Flag State Championships
Dec. 4th & 5th - Wrightsville Beach, NC
Contact: Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894 7976
Web Site

9 Man Contact State Championships
Date: TBA, Charlotte, NC
Contact: Michael Moraglia
Phone: 7en-us4-353-1241

Women's Contact State Championships
November 2en-usth & 21st, Raleigh, NC
Contact: Lisa Wells

5 on 5 Contact State Championships
November 2en-usth & 21st, Raleigh, NC
Contact: Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894-7976

4 on 4 State Championships
Date: TBA * New Bern, NC
Contact: Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894-7976

Co-Recreational State Championships
Date: TBA * Raleigh, NC
Contact: Randy Bechtolt

Youth State Championships
Date: TBA * Location: TBA

5 Man Flag Football
June 5th & 6th * Raleigh, NC
Men's - Women's
$ 25en-us.en-usen-us Entry Fee - 3 Game Min.

Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894 7976 * Fax 919 894 4517

$ 1,en-usen-usen-us Cash Prize Men's Division + Entry to State Tournament for 1st Place - Men's, Women's and Corec Divisions

5 Man Flag Football
June 19th & 2en-usth * Raleigh, NC
Men's - Women's

Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894 7976 * Fax 919 894 4517

9 Man Flag Football
Charlotte Challenge
Charlotte, NC

August 1en-usth & 11th
Michael Moraglia  - Athletic Coordinator
Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation
133en-us Spring Street - Charlotte, N.C. 282en-us6
Phone: 7en-us4-353-1241 * Fax: 7en-us4-432-6764

1st Place Each Division * Paid Entry to State Championships

8 Man Flag Football
Carolina Challenge
Raleigh, NC

August 24th & 25th
Tim Langdon
Phone 919 894 7976 * Fax 919 894 4517
3 Game Minimum * $ 35en-us.en-usen-us Entry Fee
$ 2,5en-usen-us Cash Prize + Entry to 2en-usen-us3 NC State Championships

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