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More Than Twenty Million Americans Play Flag Football ... Are You Targeting Your Advertising $$$ At This Group ... Click Here For Details


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Pro-Flag Football

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National Organizations promote flag football throughout the year in more than one region or country. They offer several games: Contact and non-contact; 9-Man, 8-Man, 7-Man, 4 on 4, Co-Rec, Women's and Youth divisions. They bring their affiliated teams to a central location once a year, usually in December or January, to crown a national champion for each game they offer.  The oldest of these outside of the  college game is the NTFL. Located in St. Louis, it  dates back to the early 60's. The largest is the USFTL which is based in Cleveland. Ohio. The next largest is the AFTFL which began as a Long Island, NY league. Both the USFTL and the AFTFL are off-shoots of the old NTFL.

In recent years the Women's game has come into its own league with the IWFFA.

In 1997, the PFFL was formed to offer players the chance to compete on the pro level.

The largest number of flag football players participate in college Intra Mural games with  NIRSA operating as their governing body. They offer men's and women's division, 7 on 7 and 4 on 4 screen flag football.
American Flag & Touch Football League
Tel (516) 822-6312
International Women's Flag Football Association
1107 Key Plaza #233
Key West, FL 33040
National Intramural - Recreational Sports Association
4185 SW Research Way 
Corvallis, OR, USA, 97333-1067 
tel (541) 766-8211 
fax (541) 766-8284 
National Touch Football League
Tel (636) 458-8181 
Fax (636) 207-1700
Professional Flag Football League
763 Ridge Road, Angier, NC 27501
Tel (919) 894-1783
Fax (919) 894-4517
United States Flag Touch Football League
7709 Ohio St., Mentor, Ohio 44060
phone: (440) 974-8735 fax: (440) 974-8441

e-mail inquiries to 

Regional Organizations and Leagues
Regional Organizations generally are confined to one or two areas of the country, but  may  host national tournaments. The AFA is one such organization. While confined for the most part to the Pacific Coast states, it holds a national tournament in Las Vegas each year. 
American Football Association 1
AFA *  P.O. Box 43885 Las Vegas, NV 89116-1885
Phone 702.431.2100 


Independent or Single Game Leagues
Independent Leagues generally promote a single style of play - 9 on 9, 5 on 5, 4 on 4 for example. Leagues may or may not be affiliated with other national organizations.

State Wide Organizations / Leagues
State wide organization like the NCFFA promote flag football as an independent body with elected officials . They provide information and standardize rule: sanction leagues, players, and officials. They rank teams within their sate and provide a format for crowning a state champion. They  may or may not be affiliated with national organizations.

For a complete listing of flag football in all 50 states - Click Here

City or Metropolitan Leagues
City or Metro Area leagues offer a wide variety of games and may or may not be affiliated with state or national organizations. 


763 Ridge Road
Angier, NC 27501
Tel (919) 894 7976

Fax (919) 894-4517

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